BSV Salt Chlorinator Cell RP10/3

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Cell for saline chlorination equipment

Cells are manufactured under BSPOOL’s proprietary LCC (Long Life Cell) concept, offering greater durability of the cells to extend the life of the saline chlorination equipment to 10,000 hours.

Product Information
Model RP10/3
Salt generation rate 10g/h
Compatible Salt Chlorinator Model N-BSsalt
Plate composition Material of reverse polarity CE 400
Cell life Up to 10,000 hours
Cell bolts, Support of Cell Assembly and Water Sensor material Titanium
Cell connector material Stainless Steel
Plate amperage Approx. 400 amperes per square meter
Voltage at probe Approx. 8 volts
Cell housing material High impact acrylic PMMA
Glass tube diameter 50mm
Cable section and length 4mm x 1.5m