Emaux A Series Heat Pumps – HP26A / HP50A 88360211 / 88360214

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A Series Heat Pump


1. High Efficiency With a COP value up to 5.0, Emaux heat pumps are very efficient when transferring heat from the air to the pool water. Savings as much as 80 % of running costs are possible compared to an electrical heater.
2. Long life-span The heat exchanger is made by PVC & titanium tube, which can withstand and prolong exposure to pool water.
3. Easy Control and Operation Easy control and operation by simply switching on and setting the desired water temperature. The built-in computerised controller permits the setting of the operational. The status can be displayed in the LCD display.

Product Information
Code Model Rated Heating Capacity (W/BTU) Power Supply (V/Hz)
88360211 HP26A 26000/90000 380V/50Hz
88360214 HP50A 50000/170000 380V/50Hz
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HP26A, HP50A



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