Emaux S Series Side/M Sand Filter with Multiport Valve (S450 / S500 / S650/ S700(B)/ S800/ S900/ S1000/ S1200/ S1200(C))

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SKU: F-SD-EM-880107030
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Bobbin-would filter manufactured by computerised fiberglass filament winding technology which provides the mechanical strength of the filter tank and its ability to withstand pressure. Bobbin winding technology ensures a durable and non-corrosive fiberglass and resin. Composites are UV resistant enabling extreme weather condition resistance and long working life without corrosion.

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S450 – 18", S500 – 21", S650 – 25", S700(B) – 28", S800 – 32", S900 – 36", S1000 – 40", S1200 – 48", S1200(C) – 48"