Pahlen Maxi Digital Heater (24kW/415V/3ph)

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Maxi Heat is equipped with twin built-in contactors for added protection. Power from 18 to 72 kW. We always recommend Maxi Heat with titanium heating elements first of all, because they conduct heat well and are not subject to corrosion. Suitable for public pools.

  • Maxi Heat has a 2 “threaded connection.
  • Minimum flow 170 l / min. Maximum flow 300 l / min.
  • Maximum pressure: 2 bar.


  • Power range from 18 to 72 kW;
  • Maxi Heat is supplied complete with contactors and electronic controller;
  • Two or more heaters can be connected in parallel;
  • Digital control and LED display;
  • Maxi Heat body made of galvanized sheet, powder coated, cover made of reinforced thermoplastic;
  • To avoid air congestion, the heating elements are located in a horizontal position;
  • Heating elements are made of Incoloy 825 alloy or titanium;
  • The heater is equipped with an overheating protection relay and a flow sensor;
  • Twin built-in contactors.


  • 400V Current 3-phase: 24 kW 35 A
  • 415V Current 3-phase: 26 kW 36 A