Pahlen MidiHeat Digital Heater (24kW/415V/3ph)

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The MidiHeat housing, made of powder-coated galvanized sheet, not only gives the product a very stable structure, but also has a very high resistance to corrosion. The MidiHeat heater thermostat has a temp. range 8-45 ° C. Titanium heating elements provide excellent heat transfer and are completely corrosion resistant.

Additional Security
For optimal safety, MidiHeat has two built-in contactors for each heating element.
Equipped with built-in flow sensor and overheating protection, and also has an input for connection to a protection relay or contactor of the water circulation system.
Union nuts with spigots for gluing Ø63 mm. Minimum flow rate 170 l / min. Maximum flow rate 300 l / min. Maximum pressure: 2 bar.
MidiHeat works well in both freshwater and electrolytic / salt chlorinated pools.
MidiHeat is also available in analogue version.
Fast and efficient heater, smart design and modern materials – made for the future!

Digital control panel for MidiHeat Digital

  • Digital thermostat 8-45 ° C;
  • Master / Slave – Up to nine heaters can be connected and controlled with one master;
  • Activation delay 5-60 sec. – adjustable delay time for sequential switching on of heating elements;
  • Temperature correction – the ability to manually adjust the display to the actual pool temperature, up to ± 4 ° C;
  • Restore factory settings – an option to reset all user settings;
  • Error codes – automatic saving of the last 10 error messages.


  • MidiHeat has two built-in contactors for each heating element (TEN);
  • Power range 18-72 kW;
  • Connect up to nine heaters and control them with a master;
  • Made of powder coated galvanized plates, and the heating element cylinder and cover made of high strength fiberglass polypropylene;
  • Titanium heating elements;
  • Equipped with overheating protection and flow sensor;
  • The products have been tested and certified in accordance with European standards.
  • Specifications
    • Power:24 kW = 2 x 12 kW
    • 3~400V: 24 kW 35 A
    • 3~415V: 26 kW 36A