BSV Commercial Salt Water Chlorinator – PRO50 / PRO70 / PRO100 / PRO150 / PRO200

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Commercial salt water chlorinator with productions from 50 to 200 grams per hour.

BSV PRO 50 to 150 is recommended for big domestic and small professional pools.
(Option for: 50g/h, 70g/h, 100g/h, 150g/h)
BSV PRO 200 works for medium sized public pools.


  • Lower electrical consumption
  • Lower weight
  • (IP65) waterproof index
  • Lower operating temperature
  • More compact, easily adaptable to any installation
  • Switch mode power supply improves importantly the unit performance
  • Longer durability of the electrolysis cell
  • Internal microprocessor control, that determines the device operating hours
  • Digital display, easy and intuitive use control

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Product Details

Model PRO50 PRO70 PRO100 PRO150 PRO200
Power Supply 230VAC, 50Hz
Max Cell Current 12.5A 17.5A 25A 37.5A 34A
Cell Output (gr/hr) 50g/h 70g/h 100g/h 150g/h 200g/h
Max Power 275W 385W 550W 825W 932W
Max Cell Voltage 22Vcc 28V
Salt Required 4g/l
Language Selection
Manual Regulation of Chlorine
Automatic Regulation of Chlorine
Indicator of ORP Values
Indicator of pH Values
Automatic Indicator of Lack of Salt
Automatic Indicator of Salt Excess
Indicator of Water Temperature
Salt Level Indicator
Cell Life Indicator

Automatic Alarms:

Model PRO50 PRO70 PRO100 PRO150 PRO200
Lack of Water Flow
Gas Accumulation in Cell
Short Circuit

Automatic management and dosing for ORP and pH levels of the pool is available with the Kit Advanced (ORP) and Kit Auto Pro (pH). Other kits also available for: Temperature reading, Flow sensor, and Control of all Electrical Equipment in your Pool.

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100 g/h, 150 g/h, 200 g/h, 50 g/h, 70 g/h