Emaux MPV01 MPV02 MPV03 MPV04 MPV07 MPV08 6-Way Multiport Valve – Top / Side Mount – 1.5″ / 2.0″

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Top Mount and Side Mount valves for Emaux sand filters

Emaux Multiport Valves are produced in versions for Top Mount and Side Mount filter designs, and are made of ABS material with heavy duty plastic handle. Depending on filter type, 4-way and 6-way models are available for operating functions to cover all the necessary operations needed in any swimming pools filtration.

Brochure: Emaux_Multiport_Valve

Product Features

  1. 100% tested for pressure and watertightness
  2. Easy installation, maintenance, and servicing
  3. Constructed with sturdy ABS and marine-grade stainless steel
  4. Designed for superior durability
  5. Commercial multiport valves are cost efficient and space-saving compared to the butterfly valve manifolds

Functions of 6-way Multiport Valve:

  1. FILTER – Normal Filtration
  2. BACKWASH – Cleans Filter by reversing the flow
  3. RINSE – To be used after backwashing to flush dirt from the valve
  4. WASTE – By-passes filter, used for vacuuming to waste outlet or lowering water level
  5. RECIRCULATE – By-passes filter for circulating water to the pool
  6. CLOSED – Shuts off all flow to filter or pool

Product details are below.


All Product Information
Code Model Description Connection Type Flow Rate at Max Working Pressure Compatible Sand Filter  Models
88280105 MPV01 Top Mount, 1.5″, Valve Only Clamp Type 17m3/h V and P series
88280353 MPV02 Top Mount, 2.0″, Valve Only Bolt Type 27m3/h V and TMG series
88280805 MPV03 Side Mount, 1.5″, Valve Only Union Connection 17m3/h MAX, SP, S, SMG, SR series
88280806 MPV04 Side Mount, 2.0″, Valve Only Union Connection 27m3/h MAX, S, SMG series
88281505 MPV07
(with Turn-Lock lid)
Top Mount, 1.5″, Valve Only Clamp Type 17m3/h General Filters: Top Mount Fiberglass, Plastic; Emaux Filters: MFV, T, SMG series 500/600
88281506 MPV08
(with Turn-Lock lid)
Top Mount, 2.0″, Valve Only Clamp Type 27m3/h General Filters: Top Mount Fiberglass, Plastic; Emaux Filters: V650(PB), MFV series

** Max Working Pressure for all: 400kPa / 58psi / 4bar
** Max Water Temperature for all: 50°C (122°F)

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MPV01, MPV02, MPV03, MPV04, MPV01 with Plumbling Kit, MVP07, MVP08