Emaux CE132 CE136 Aluminium Telescopic Pole with Grip Lock – 88050501 / 88050506

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SKU: PA-PO-EM-880505010
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Aluminium telescopic poles that extend, with grip lock

The poles are constructed of premium extruded 1.2mm aluminium tubing. It comes with a vinyl handle and user-friendly grip lock. Designed for use with hand skimmers, leaf rakes, brushes, and vacuum heads.

Product Information
Code Model Size
88050501 CE132 2 x 2.4m
88050502 CE133 2 x 3m
88050503 CE134 2 x 3.5m
88050504 CE135 2 x 4m
88050506 CE136 2 x 1.8m

View options for CE133 and CE135 here.

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CE132 (2×2.4m), CE136 (2×1.8m)



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