Emaux EL-S300 Series Underwater LED Light Stainless Steel with UltraThin LED Panels – EL-S300-252 / EL-S300-441

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SKU: LG-PL-EM-88046054-RGB0
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Simple installation. High-power resin-filled LED panel. Sleek-looking design.

**This item is for the light only, without niche. Please contact us if you are looking for a complete set of light and niche.

E-lumen lights offer 100% resin-filled waterproof and extra-long lifetime – 25,000 hours (10 times longer than traditional halogen bulbs). Unlike other LED lights, the Ultra-Thin LED panel keeps working even if a single LED bulb goes out.

The cool-operating feature provides more brightness for fewer watts, compared to other lights in which 90% of the energy is wasted on the heat they generate.

Simple bolt fixing fittings are provided to replace the PAR56 type of pool and spa underwater lights. The LED Panel is compatible with most of the European & American niches. An optional remote control box is available.


  • Waterproof Standard: IP68
  • Cable: 2.5m
  • Installation: Wall Mounted (Housing Type)
  • Material: Stainless Steel Face Ring and Stainless Steel Housing
  • Available colour options: RGB, LED Blue (available upon request), LED Warm White, LED Cool White
Product Information of available EL-S300 models
Code Model LEDs Bulb Watt / Voltage Illuminance (lux) Color (Temp in K)
88046059 EL-S300L-252 252 LEDs bulb 20W / 12V 220 RGB – 14 modes
88046055 EL-S300L-441 441 LEDs bulb 35W / 12V 690 Cool White (10,000K)
88046058 EL-S300L-441 441 LEDs bulb 35W / 12V 785 Warm White (4,000K)
88046054 EL-S300L-441 441 LEDs bulb 35W / 12V 372 RGB – 14 modes

For the EL-S300 LED panels, view here.
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ELS300L-441 – 441 LEDs – 35W/12V/RGB, ELS300L-441 – 441 LEDs – 35W/12V/Cool White, ELS300L-441 – 441 LEDs – 35W/12V/Warm White, ELS300L-252 – 252 LEDs – 30W/12V/RGB