Emaux FOS Series UV-C Disinfection System – 88046318 88046320

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FOS Series UV-C Disinfection System

Achieve up to 98% Sterilization rate – Specially developed for fish ponds and aquaculture


FOS series UV-C disinfection system effectively destroys bacteria and other microbes that pass through the ultra-violet illuminated tube resulting in bacteria-free and purified water for your fish pond.

  1. High-quality UV-C lamp achieves up to 98% sterilization rate
  2. Long-life UV-C lamp has a long lifespan over 10,000 hours
  3. High-quality quartz tube provides more than 99% transmittance rate

Product Features

  1. Adjustable brackets for easy and flexible installation
  2. Available in 50Hz or 60Hz with 220V
  3. Four models: 15W, 25W, 30W, and 55W for fish pond volumes up to 14m3/h (Note: 15W and 30W currently not in stock, contact us for a quote!)
Product Information
Code Model Flow Rate (m3/h) Fish Pond (m3) Input Power (W) Connection
88046317 FOS-UV-5T 4 5 15 1.5″/50mm or 2″/63mm
88046318 FOS-UV-7T 6 7 25  1.5″/50mm or 2″/63mm
88046319 FOS-UV-8T 8 8 30  1.5″/50mm or 2″/63mm
88046320 FOS-UV-14T 10 14 55  1.5″/50mm or 2″/63mm
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FOS-UV-7T – 25W UV-C Disinfection System, FOS-UV-14T – 55W UV-C Disinfection System