Emaux Life Series Biological Filter for Aquaculture – LF700 / LF800 / LF900

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Life Series Aquaculture Filter

For koi ponds, aquaculture, and aquariums

Biological Filtration System is environmentally friendly with good filtration and backwash effect. It fixes the traditional sand tank agglomeration problems. It is not only designed with fine and modern appearance but also minimizes the size of the filtration system compared to the traditional one.

Product Features:

  • Tank Material: Bobbin-Wound Reinforced Fiberglass
  • Max Operating Pressure: 36psi (2.5bar)
  • Max Water Temperature: 43°C (109°F)
  • Suggested Media Type: Biological Media
Product Information
Code Model Pond Volume (m3) Valve Connections Max Flow Rate Biological media needed (kg)
88015966 LF700 30 2.5″ / 75mm 230lpm    14m3/h 30
88015968 LF900 50 2.5″ / 75mm 350lpm    21m3/h 60

Available options for compatible biological filtration media:

About Biological filtration

Biological filtration refers to the breeding of beneficial bacteria inside the biological filtration media in the filter tank. The beneficial bacteria can efficiently convert the ammonia to nitrites, and then to less harmful nitrate.

About Physical filtration

When water passes through the filter tank, the large particles will be trapped by the biological filter media. The small particle will also be blocked by the linked biological filter media. After a certain period of time, those particles will be accumulated and the pressure in the tank will increase. In order to clear the particles and release the tank pressure, a backwash process of the filter is needed.

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LF700 – 700mm, LF800 – 800mm, LF900 – 900mm