Emaux Nano Tech UV-C Disinfection System – NT-UV40 / NT-UV75 / NT-UV130 – Option for c/w timer available

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Nano Tech UV-C Disinfection System

Inexpensive, Low Maintenance and Non-Chemical Approach to Water Santization – For above ground and residential pools


  1. USER-FRIENDLY Easy installation and maintenance. The optional timer can control the running operation hours.
  2. STRONG AND DURABLE Robust housing in AISI 316 Stainless Steel for anti-corrosion long life. Professional quality UV lamp offers a life time over 9,000 ( to 12,000) hours.
  3. HIGH EFFICIENCY The mirror-polished interior of the housing increases the UV reflection rate and thus enhances the work efficiency by up to 35%.
  4. HIGH TRANSMISSION RATE High-quality quartz sleeve ensures nearly 100% transmission of UV-C at 254nm. It offers protection against air and water flow, breakage, and temperature fluctuations.
  5. ENVIRONMENTAL-FRIENDLY It reduces the chlorine consumption of up to 70%. Also water renewal is reduced due to fewer by-products formed.
  6. BETTER PROTECTION Prevents bacterial and viral replication by deactivating DNA. Breaks down and removes chloramines. The disinfected water is free of unpleasant smells and does not irritate the eyes, because of the significant reduction the number of chloramines. No risk of allergies, and your pool is protected against pathogenic organisms and algae.
Product Information
Model Description Max Flow Rate (m3/h) Pool Volume (m3) Input Power Max. Current (A) UV Lamp Lifetime (h)
88049015 NT-UV16 16W UV-C System Only 7 15 16W 0.29 9,000
88049016 NT-UV40 40W UV-C System Only 20 40 40W 0.29 9,000
88049026 NT-UV40-T 40W UV-C System with Timer 20 40 40W 0.2 9,000
88049006 NT-UV75 75W UV-C System Only 25 75 75W 0.57 9,000
88049027 NT-UV75-T 75W UV-C System with Timer 25 75 75W 0.38 9,000
88049029 NT-UV130F 130W UV-C System with Flow Switch 30 130 130W 0.95 12,000
88049030 NT-UV130TF 130W UV-C System with Timer & Flow Switch 30 130 130W 0.95 12,000

** Connections for all: 1.5″ / 50mm or 2.0″/ 63mm
** Electric Ballast for all: 240V AC / 50Hz

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NT-UV75, NT-UV16, NT-UV40, NT-UV40-T, NT-UV130F with Flow Switch, NT-UV130TF with Timer & Flow Switch, NT-UV75-T