Emaux NMU Series Anchor Type Stainless Steel Pool Ladder – NMU215-S / NMU315-S / NMU415-S / NMU515-S

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Robust steel, high quality ladders for safety and ease for your pool

Ladder handles are made of ⌀42mm tubes in polished stainless steel 304 (or 316 for saltwater pools). Correct selection and proper placement of handrails and ladders add a significant measure of safety to every pool area. Three kinds of steps are available: Plastic, stainless steel, and stainless steel with anti-slip pads. All ladders are available with anchor or flange type fixtures for easy installation.

Step Options:

  1. Stainless Steel
  2. Stainless Steel with anti-slip pad
  3. Plastic

Installation Type: Anchor Type

Product Information
Code (AISI-316) Model No. of Steps
88072801 88072806 NMU215-S 2 Steps
88072802 88072807 NMU315-S 3 Steps
88072803 88072808 NMU415-S 4 Steps
88072804 88072809 NMU515-S 5 Steps

For Flange Type connection, see model: MUF series

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NMU215-S 2 steps Ladder (AISI 304; Anchor Type) 493×1330 mm, NMU315-S 3 Steps Ladder (AISI 304; Anchor Type) 493×1580 mm, NMU415-S 4 steps Ladder (AISI 304; Anchor Type) 493×1830 mm, NMU515-S 5 steps Ladder (AISI 304; Anchor Type) 493×2080 mm, NMU315-S 3 steps Ladder (AISI 316; Anchor Type) 493×1580 mm, NMU515-S 5 steps Ladder (AISI 316; Anchor Type) 493×2080 mm



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