Emaux Salinity Meter – 9316635 Model 8371

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Quick Response and Easy to Calibrate

Economical pen-type pocket digital salinity meter for determining salt concentration in pool waters instantly

Simply dip the meter into the pool to get instant measurements from a range of 0 to 70 ppt (0 – 70,000ppm) at temperatures from 0-50°C

Product Features:

  • Dual display Temp. & Salinity with ATC
  • Water proof membrane keypad
  • Low cost and high accuracy
  • Built-in NaCL Temp. coefficient
  • Built-in NaCL Cond. to TDS conversion factor
  • Auto power off / Non-Sleep mode disable
  • Big LCD dual display
  • Auto temperature compensation
  • One-touch auto-calibration
  • Data hold function
  • Calibration information review
  • Battery low indicator


Product Technical Specification
Code Model Salinity Range Accuracy Salinity Resolution Temperature Range Operating RH%
9316635 8371 0 – 10.00ppt (NaCl)
10.1 – 70.0ppt (NaCl)
+/- 1%F.S +/- 1 digit 1ppm or 0.01ppt
+/- 2%F.S +/- 1 digit (10.1 ~ 70.0ppt)
0.1 (10.1~70.0ppt)
0-50°C Humidity < 80%




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Model#8371 Salinity Meter (9316635)

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