Emaux SSC Series Salt Chlorinator Cable Set – 9130021 89380215

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SKU: SE-SCS-EM-89380215
Availability: 2 In Stock

Cable set for Emaux SSCone series, SSC series, Superior (SUC) series salt chlorinator.

Part No.: 9130021
Old Part No.: 89380215

Models Compatible:

Series Model
SSCone SSCone
SSC SSC15-E, SSC25-E, SSC50-E (No Timer)
SSC15-T, SSC25-T, SSC50-T (With Timer)
SSC15-TLT, SSC25-TLT (With Timer and Pool Light Transformer)
SUC SUC15-E, SUC25-E, SUC50-E (No Timer)
SUC15-T, SUC25-T, SUC50-T (With Timer)
SUC15-TLT, SUC25-TLT (With Timer and Pool Light Transformer)