Emaux Ultra-Thin 99 LED panel for EL-S100 lights – 440546195 440546196

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Ultra-Thin LED Panel for EL-S100 lights


The Ultra-Thin LED panel is based on the most recent LED development on the market, and uses the most efficient energy and illumination technology. The convenient plug-n-play panel kit replaces most of the underwater lights on the market. By only unscrewing few bolts of your old and energy costly light bulb and swapping it for the Ultra-Thin LED Panel.

Technology and features:

  1. Resin filled LED panel with 100% water proofing
  2. Ultra-Thin LED panel with 25,000 hours lifetime, 10 times more than halogen bulbs
  3. More brightness (lumens) for less watts
  4. Cool-operating LED panel focused on producing brightness compared to other lights with 90% of energy wasted on heat
  5. Ultra-Thin LED panel continues to work even if a single LED bulb goes off

Lighting Effect:

  1. E-Lumen Ultra-Thin LED panel available colours: RGB (Red, Green, Blue), Warm White, Cool White and Single Blue
  2. RGB model features 6 brilliant rich colours and an 8-colour pre-programmed light show for a dazzling rainbow + smooth fading effects

Compatible Models:

  • EL-S100 Light
Product Information of available models
Code Description LEDs Bulb Watt / Voltage Illuminance (lux) Color (Temp in K)
440546195 Ultra-Thin 99 LED 99 LEDs bulb 10W / 12V 690 Cool White (10,000K)
440546196 Ultra-Thin 99 LED 99 LEDs bulb 10W / 12V 785 Warm White (4,000K)

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