Emaux Underwater Light Control Box – RGB-CB 08040009

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SKU: LG-SPCN-EM-08040009
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Light Control Box

Remote control for RGB lights. Electrical overload and leakage protection.

Product Features:

  1. IP44 rating, suitable for outdoor use
  2. Maximum load of 600W with power indicator
  3. Made from fireproof ABS material
  4. Two control modes: Manual mode and Timer mode in which the ON/OFF time of load can be set
  5. The handheld remote control interacts with the control box from a distance
  6. Simple and easy operation with 4 keys
  7. 10 effects are all sequentially numbered. The “RESET” key set all lights to the first effect
  8. “POOL” and “SPA” keys are used to change the lighting effects connected to the pool circuit and the spa circuit respectively
  9. Comes complete with remote control
Product Information
Product Code 08040009
Model RGB-CB
Description 2*300W / 220-240V / 50Hz