Emaux Water Descent PB Series with LED Strip

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SKU: LG-WF-EM-884801120
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Water Descent – Make your pool alive!

The Water Descent may be adjusted from a peaceful sheet of water falling into the pool to a relaxing water massage for your back, adding elegance and style to your pool. Available in five different models, you can enjoy different water effects and trajectories, from the standard waterfall to rain sheer or arc trajectory. The optional RGB LED strip provides colour to the waterfall to add visual interest with the soothing sound of flowing water to your pool.

Product Features:

  1. Available in two different widths: 25mm and 150mm. They are suitable for different wall sizes
  2. Four different lengths: 1) 300mm, 2) 600mm, 3) 900mm, 4) 1200mm
  3. LED strip is powered by external 12V DC, which is safe and reliable
  4. The LEDs can be operated through panel or remote control. 10 lighting patterns are available
  5. Multiple water descents can share the same controller for synchronised colour effects

LED Water Descent Control Box

Instead of using fiber optics, the LED strip is built into the unit placing the light source as close as possible to the waterfall. This design creates a wonderful illumination to the water falling into the pool. 10 pre-programmed LED lighting effects allow you to create the best luminous water features in your hands.

5 different models available for different water effects:

  1. PB Series: Sheet of water with standard trajectory
  2. PBA Series: Sheet of water with arc trajectory
  3. PBS Series: Sheet of water with sheer trajectory
  4. RA Series: Rain fall effect with arc trajectory
  5. RS Series: Rain fall effect with sheer trajectory

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Product technical details are below.

PB Series

This model provides an excellent water effect with a fine sheet of water falling like a mountain spring waterfall.

(No LED)
(No LED)
Opening Width
Watt / Voltage
88480101 PB300-25(L) 88485001 PB300-25 306 4W / 12VDC
88480102 PB300-150(L) 88485002 PB300-25
88480111 PB600-25(L) 88485011 PB300-25 606 8W / 12VDC
88480112 PB600-150(L) 88485012 PB300-25
88480121 PB900-25(L) 88485021 PB300-25 906 12W / 12VDC
88480122 PB900-150(L) 88485022 PB300-25
88480131 PB900-25(L) 88485031 PB300-25 1206 17W / 12VDC
88480132 PB900-150(L) 88485032 PB300-25

LED Water Descent Control Box

Product Code 08080016
Model WTD-CB
Input Power AC 220V +/- 15%, 50Hz
Output Power DC 12V, 60W
With remote controller
Select Model

PB600-150(L), PB900-25(L), WTD-CB