Messner Floating Skimmer 140 – 168 / 002394

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For ponds and water features.

Product Features:

  • Upper portion floats directly on water surface
  • Connects to a pump via a hose where small dirt gets sucked into and filtered out
  • Skimmer screen traps coarser dirt such as leaves
  • Set up at any desired location in pond, independent of pump location
  • UV and corrosion-resistant thermoplastic PVC and stainless steel
  • Made in Germany
Technical Specification
Model Floating Skimmer 140
Part No. 168 / 002394
Effective Flow Rate 20 l/min = 1.2 m3/h (minimum)
50 l/min = 3 m3/h (maximum)
Opening Diameter 140mm
Max Pond Surface Area 40m2
Required Water Depth 300mm (minimum)
Recommended Pump Flow Rate 2 m3/h to 6 m3/h
Connection 19-20/25/32mm


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Messner Floating Skimmer 140 20-50LPM