Pentair 2-Piece Aluminium Telescopic Poles – R191066 #812-8 / R191046 #812-16 / R191090 #812-24

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SKU: PA-PO-PE-R1910460
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For ease of pool maintenance and further reach

Rainbow telescopic poles are constructed of high quality drawn aluminium tubing. The 1-1/8 in. OD inside tube is clear anodized and the 1-1/4in. OD outer tube is bright blue anodized. Each has a bicycle type vinyl hand grip and packed in a protective poly sleeve.

Product Information
Part Number Model Item Description
R191066 812-8 2-piece telescopic pole with metal cam. 4ft extend to 7.5ft (1.2m to 2.3m)
R191046 812-16 2-piece telescopic pole with metal cam. 8ft extend to 15.5ft (2.4m to 4.7m)
R191090 812-24 2-piece telescopic pole with metal cam. 12ft extend to 23.5ft (3.7m to 7.2m) – Commercial use
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R191066 – #812-8 – 4ft ext to 7.5ft, R191046 – #812-16 – 8ft ext to 15.5ft, R191090 – #812-24 – 16ft ext to 23.5ft



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