Pool Guard Recessed Underwater LED Lights – 3W, 18W, 30W (Warm White)

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SKU: LG-PL-PG-200GM-18x1W-ww0
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  • Lamp of solid structure and strict manufacturing process technology, high safety, long service life, low carbon energy saving
  • Lamp material: Option for 304 or 316 stainless steel, plastic embedded part, high transparent toughened glass, anti-aging silicone seal, special waterproof cable
  • IP68 waterproof index
  • Suitable temperature: -20℃ to +45℃
  • Control mode: single or internal
  • Colour options upon request*: Red, Green, Purple, White, Warm White, Multi-colour

Technical specification of available models:

Model Power # of LEDs Voltage Light Angle Weight
PG-75GM 3W 3, 1W each 12VAC 10° ~ 90° 0.5kg
PG-200GM 18W 18, 1W each 12VAC 10° ~ 90° 2.1kg
PG-245GM 30W 30, 1W each 24VAC 10° ~ 90° 2.5kg
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18 x 1W LED Recessed Underwater Light, 30 x 1W LED Recessed Underwater Light – Warm White, 3 x 1W LED Recessed Underwater Light


Pool Guard