Pool Guard Floor Inlet with Adjustable Flow in White or Black

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Return Fitting for swimming pools

POOL GUARD floor inlet is fully adjustable for different flow rates, unlike regular floor inlets that only allow a single flow rate. It is designed to distribute water evenly upon entry to encourage and increase water circulation throughout the pool. This inlet is for concrete installation.


  • Wide range of flow rates
  • Made of UV-stabilised ABS
  • Slip connection
  • Provides even distribution of return water
  • Prevents rust and stains on swimming pool tiles and finishing
  • Does not turn yellow easily
  • Option for White or Black in colour
  • Not to be used as a suction outlet
Product Details
Part Number Colour Max Flow Connection Size
PG-1425 White 50 GPM (~11 m3/h) 2″ SKT, 1-1/2″ Reducer
PG-1425S Black 50 GPM (~11 m3/h) 2″ SKT, 1-1/2″ Reducer

Technical Details:


Pool Guard floor inlet is 70mm tall with a face plate of 110mm wide.

How POOL GUARD Floor Inlet works:

The sloped construction of Pool Guard Floor Inlet allows a wide spread dispersion of water upon entry unlike regular floor inlets that focus on pushing the water only upwards. Screws on Pool Guard floor inlet's front plate allows the user to adjust the flow rate.

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White, Black


Pool Guard

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