Saci AR 250-11 T Submersible Pump – 4.0hp/230/400V/3ph

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AR 250-11 T Applications:

4” submersible pumps with multiple impellers with a high hydraulic performance, especially recommended for elevation, distribution and pressurization in civil and industrial hydraulic installations. Assembly in pressure units, cisterns, irrigation, washing systems, etc.

Constructive characteristics:

Support and upper body (with built-in retention valve) in cast AISI 304 stainless steel. They incorporate a new “Floating Impeller” that generates “absolute resistance to wear” and maximum robustness and reliability over time. Impellers are in Noryl and diffusers in polycarbonate. Exterior cladding in AISI 304 stainless steel. Internal upper guide sleeve in rubber. Grille, cable cover, and retention valve in AISI 304 stainless steel.


Price quoted is for submersible pumps with Saci FR motors. Franklin motors are available on request. Details on motors are further down below.

FR motor is in compliance with DIN and ISO standards with the following main features: Stator in stainless steel and non-toxic oil lubricated, international NEMA coupling, no need for maintenance. Maximum water temperature: + 40ºC

Technical Information:

Model Voltage Cond.
Power “A” Flow m3/h Length
HP KW 0 5.4 7.2 8.4 9.6 10.8 12 14 18 24
Manometric height w.c.m.
AR 250-11 T III 230 3 2.2 13.5 70 57 54 52 49 45 34 18 1387
III 400 7.8

Outlet ⌀: 2″


Franklin Motors

Applications: Hermetic motors manufactured in compliance with DIN and ISO 9001 standards. Filled with international NEMA coupling. Fully made in stainless steel 304. The 4″ single phase motors require external capacitor. All motors are supplied with one or two wires depending on the start mode.

Constructive characteristics: Encapsulated or rewindable stator. Seal and protector included for a better performance against sand. Option for both horizontal and vertical installation. Motors from 6″ to 10″ dan be supplied with direct start or star delta.


  • 4″ single-phase encapsulated motors (up to 3HP)
    • Three-phase 230V up to 7.5HP
    • Three-phase 230V up to 10HP
  • 6″ encapsulated motors up to 60HP and rewindable up to 45HP
  • 8″ encapsulated motors up to 200HP and rewindable up to 125HP
  • 10″  motors rewindable up to 250HP

Also available on request: special voltages and/or construction in AISI 316

Saci FR Motors

Applications: Electrical FR motors for submersible pumps with 4″, and also 6″, 8″, 10″ with NEMA coupling. The 4″ motors are filled with non-toxic dielectric oil. This motor is suitable for all types of applications and is specially recommended in installations with low net tension, and in tank pools thanks to its easy cooling avility.

The 6″, 8″, 10″ motors are all rewindable, and equipped with radial and axial bearings of dual rotation, and water lubricated.

Constructive characteristics: Manufactured fully in AISI 304. Rewindable stator. Standard NEMA coupling. Wire with resin filled connector. Maximum number of starts: 150 per hour (for 4″ motors only). Maximum depth: 200m underwater (for 4″ motors only). IP68 protection, isolation Class E. Maximum water temperature: 40ºC