Saci Smart Winner Pumps (100 M / 150 M / 200 M / 300 M)

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The new electronic system for pumps SMART Control applicable to the Winner Series is an integral system to command the installation. By attaching a digital switchboard control panel to the pump, allows an easy and intuitive installation and complete control of the pool. The system incorporates the necessary protections for the pump and for people, time clocks and entries/exits for the management of the lighting system, salt chlorinator, heat pump, temperature probe, etc.

The system replaces the traditional control panel, and incorporates some new features:

  • Clock programmer for filtration cycle
  • Clock programmer for lighting cycle
  • Ampère Control for overconsumption
  • Programmable input for heat pump
  • Anti freezing control system programmable through PT100 probe
  • Output for control of lights (also RGB leds)
  • Output for salt chlorinator or running pump
  • Audible alarm for fault monitoring
  • Control of lack of water / dry running
  • Lights button for Manual ignition, build in countdown with the following ranges: 15 min, 30 min, 60 min, 60 min, 2 h, 4 h, 8 h
  • Totalizer of working hours, total/partial
  • Failures and incidents historic list
  • Notifications for sand filter and basket cleaning
  • Notifications of maintenance based on working hours
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100 M – 1.0hp/230V/single-phase, 150 M – 1.5hp/230V/single-phase, 200 M – 2.0hp/230V/single-phase, 300 M – 3.0hp/230V/single-phase