Steam Bath 3-12kW Steam Generator with Control Panel

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For domestic and small commercial steam sauna use

Product Features:

  • Compact design for easy installation
  • Casing has undergone electrolytic plating, anti-corrosion and durable
  • Complete with digital control panel that can control shut-off time and temperature range
  • Temperature range: 35-55°C (95-131°F)
  • Automatic shut-off time: 45 minutes
Product Information
Model Power Power Supply
LT-30 3.0kW 220V/1ph
LT-60 6.0kW 220V/1ph or
LT-90 9.0kW 415V/3ph
LT-120 12.0kW 415V/3ph


Select Model

LT-120 – 12kW/415V/3-phase, LT-60 – 6.0kW/415V/single-phase, LT-90 – 9.0kW/415V/3-phase

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