BSV Salt Water Chlorinator – EVOBASIC-10 / EVOBASIC-15 / EVOBASIC-20 / EVOBASIC-25 / EVOBASIC-35

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Compact salt water chlorinator

in IP65 box with digital display for private pools or pools up to 100m3 (see below for recommended models based on pool volume).
Chlorine production range: option for 10g/h, or 20g/h, or 25g/h, or 35g/h

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  • User friendly digital display for straightforward and intuitive control
  • Compact design for easy adaption to any installation
  • Low electrical consumption
  • Switch mode power supply improves the unit performance and prolongs durability of the electrolysis cell
  • Internal microprocessor control (timer) to set the device’s operating hours
  • Lower operating temperature
  • (IP65) waterproof index
  • Light weight (4kg)
  • Option for: Equipping the kits (Kit Auto and Kit Advanced) for automatic monitoring of pH and ORP levels and dosing to correct pH levels–ensures your pool never falls out of range of the required pH levels!

All BSV Salt Chlorinators have a high efficiency Switch Mode Power Supply* built in.

Table of Comparison of Power Supply
SWITCH MODE POWER SUPPLY* Conventional Power (Electric Transformer)
Performance 80-90% 30-50%
Cooling System Heat Convection Fan
Ingress Protection (IP) IP65 IP24
Sea Water Compatibility Yes Requires modification
230V / 110V Compatibility Yes Requires modification
Current Direct Alternating

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Product Details

Power Supply 230VAC, 50Hz
Max Cell Current 10A 15A 20A 25A 35A
Cell Production (gr/hr) 10g/h 15g/h 20g/h 25g/h 35g/h
Max Power 75W 112.5W 150W 187.5W 263W
Max Cell Voltage 7.5Vcc
Salt Required 4g/l
Language Selection
Manual Regulation of Chlorine
Automatic Regulation of Chlorine
Indicator of ORP Values
Indicator of pH Values
Automatic Indicator of Lack of Salt
Automatic Indicator of Salt Excess
Salt Level Indicator
Cell Life Indicator

All machines are equipped with automatic alarms that will sound for: Lack of Water Flow, Gas Accumulation in Cell, Overload, Short Circuit, and Overheating.

Automatic management and dosing for ORP and pH levels of the pool is available with the Kit Advanced (ORP) and Kit Auto (pH). Other kits available for: Temperature reading, Flow sensor, and Control of all Electrical Equipment in your Pool.

Recommended salt chlorinator production levels for the following private pool sizes:

Swimming Pool Volume (m3)
Filtration Hours (hour) 25 50 75 100 125 150 175 200
4 15 g/h 25 g/h
6 10 g/h 20 g/h 25 g/h 35 g/h
8 10 g/h 15 g/h 20 g/h 25 g/h 35 g/h 35 g/h
10 15 g/h 20 g/h 25 g/h 35 g/h 35 g/h
12 20 g/h 25 g/h 25 g/h 35 g/h 25 g/h

NOTE: When the pool water temperature exceeds 28 °C regularly, select the production immediately higher than indicated by the table.

When sized according to the table above, the BSV machine will produce a minimum of 2ppm of CL2 per day. Based on BSV’s experience in the field of disinfection of pool water, this level will be sufficient to keep the pool water disinfected and in perfect condition for a comfortable experience by users. Note that local governmental regulations still apply.

Select Type

15g/h, 20g/h, 25g/h, 35g/h