Pahlen Compact Electric Heater 6-18kW with Flow Switch – 13981406 / 13981409 / 13981412 / 13981415 / 13981418

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SKU: HC-HT-PAH-139814060
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Stainless Steel Electric Heater for your pool or spa

All Pahlén heaters are compact and can be installed in all kinds of swimming pools, spas and large public facilities. The materials used are acid-proof stainless steel, Incoloy 825, titanium and thermoplastic (last 2 options are available upon request). All electric heaters are designed for continuous flow with the lowest possible pressure drop.

Additional features included:

  • Thermostat and overheating protection relay
  • For added safety, users have the choice of specifying the heaters to be complete with a flow sensor or pressure sensor
  • Body and pipework of acid proof stainless steel AISI 316L. Titanium and thermoplastic available upon request at additional charge
  • The heating element is made of Incoloy 825 alloy. Special Nic-Tech coating is available upon request at additional charge
  • Adjustable brackets of acid proof stainless steel
  • All electric heaters are equipped with heating elements with 2” thread

*For pools with aggressive water, large quantities of chlorine, and where the risk of corrosion is high (e.g. salt water pools), we recommend the use of electric heaters with titanium casing and Nic-Tech heating elements.

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For replacement of heating element, see our selection here.

Technical Specification:

Max operating pressure for all models: 2.5 bar

Part No Model Input (kW) Ampere 3-phase
230V 400V
13981403 Compact 11F30 3.0 8 5
13981406 Compact 11F60 6.0 15 9
13981409 Compact 11F90 9.0 23 14
13981412 Compact 11F120 12.0 31 18
13981415 Compact 11F150 15.0 38 22
13981418 Compact 11F180 18.0 46 27

Items included for all models: unipolar thermostat 0 to 45℃, flow switch, unipolar high limit control 60℃

Select Type

6kW/415V/3ph, 9kW/415V/3ph, 12kW/415V/3ph, 15kW/415V/3ph, 18kW/415V/3ph



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