Pahlen Heating Element for Compact Electric Heaters – 6kW / 9kW / 12kW / 18kW – 632201 / 632202 / 632203 / 632205

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SKU: HC-HE-PAH-6322030
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2″ Heating Element made of Incoloy 825 with gaskets and screws for Pahlen Compact (#1398XXXX) Electric Heaters

Product Information
Part No Power
632200 3kW / 400V
632201 6kW / 400V
632202 9kW / 400V
632203 12kW / 400V
632204 15kW / 400V
632205 18kW / 400V

Each heating element is made of Incoloy 825. Each set comes complete with a set of gaskets and screws as shown in the picture.

Nic-Tech treatment of the elements are available upon request, price will vary.

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6kW, 9kW, 12kW, 18kW



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