BWT Aquabot Aquarius Pool Robotic Cleaner with 23m cable and trolley

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SKU: CE-AC-BWT-125500817v
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For small commercial pools up to 20m

Heavy-duty suction. Built for high bathing loads. Simple to use.

Cleaning capabilities:

  • 4D Hyperfine deep layer filtration via filter bags
  • Strong pumps for unparalleled suction
  • Advanced water filtration system — BWT’s best

Software Features:

  • Smart navigation and Gyroscope equipped
  • Tangle-free alogrithm
  • Pre-programmed to prioritize floors — reaches the tougher spots; less time wasted at walls
  • Remote control synchronized with power supply
  • External timer compatibility
  • Ability to delay start time to allow dirt to sink to the floor

Hardware Features:

  • PVA brushes to clean all pool types, shapes, and sizes
  • One XL filter bag via bottom access for large filter volume
  • Strong, electronical swivel cable that prevents tangling, and is of high-quality material to ensure lastingness

Technical details below!

Technical Details

Cable Length 23m, Electronic Swivel-Type
Pool Size 15 to 20m
Cleaning Areas & Duration 3h – Floor Only

4h – Floor, Wall, & Waterline

5h – Floor, Wall, & Waterline

Brush Type 4 PVA Brushes
Suction Power 19m3/h
Filter Pore size 4D Hyperfine Microfiber, 1 XL Bag
Filter Type Easy Clip Bottom Access
Drive System Dual Drive Motors with Single Pump
Navigation Smart navigation + Gyroscope
Power Consumption 230V / 180W
Filter Full Indicator Yes
External Timer Capability Yes
Delay Start Capability Yes, by 2 hours
Remote Control Included
Trolley Included
Dimensions (cm) 42 (W) x 39 (D) x 27 (H)

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Aquarius + 23m cable + control + trolley


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