BWT P600 APP Pool Robotic Cleaner with 23m cable and trolley

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For large residential pools or small commercial pools

Powerful suction. Captures the finest dirt. Simple to use. Capable of handling tight spaces. Suitable for all pool types.

Cleaning capabilities:

  • High quality filtration down to 2 microns
  • Strong pumps for unparalleled suction
  • Strong trapping of dirt; no back flow of dirt into pools
  • Adjustable nozzles for greater filter suction

Software Features:

  • Smart navigation and Gyroscope equipped — no messy travels
  • Pre-programmed to prioritize floors — no fretting over tough, unreachable corners, and no time wasted over constant up and down walls
  • Wall detection “Touch n Go” function — robot detects the wall as it approaches to reduce time reversing at each wall touch
  • Pre-programmed to self-save when met with an obstacle — simply wait 2 minutes; no rescuing needed
  • Control over smartphone App — control your robot right from your couch

Hardware Features:

  • PVA brushes to clean all pool types, shapes, and sizes
  • Top access filters for easy removal and prevents dirt from spilling everywhere
  • Transparent filter lids for quick visual check on filter fullness
  • Filter full indicator on power supply box
  • Electronical swivel cable that prevents tangling, and is of high-quality material to ensure lastingness
  • Dual drive motors to move in all directions

Video & Technical Details below!

Technical Details

Cable Length 23m, Electronic Swivel-Type
Pool Size 15 to 20m
Cleaning Areas Floor, Wall, & Waterline
Cycle Duration 1.5h for Floor Only

2h & 2.5h for All Areas

Brush Type 4 PVA Brush Wheels + Rotating PVC Brush
Suction Power 19m3/h

(>47,500 litres at 2.5h runtime)

Filter Pore Size 4D, Ultrafine Microfibre Filters down to 2micron
Filter Type 2 Baskets, Top loading
Drive Technology Dual Drive, Breezer Technology
Motors Dual Drive + Powerful pump
Navigation Smart navigation + Gyroscope
Power Consumption < 150W
Power Supply Operating Voltage 29V
Remote Control via Smartphone App
Trolley Included
Weight 11kg


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P600 APP with 23m cable


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